Mirror Image Car Wash is committed to the health and safety of all our customers and teammates during this time of uncertainty.

Car Washes provide the required upkeep, maintenance, and antibacterial/antiviral hard surface cleaning for automobiles. As such, Car Washes are specifically included in the determination of Essential Services. We believe that keeping our business open is essential to keeping people safe and providing a steady income for our teammates.

We have made significant enhancements to our operating procedures such that we can continue to provide essential car wash services in a manner that is extremely safe for the general public and our teammates. The following steps have been instituted:

Social Distancing

  • Applying social distancing of six feet for all customers and teammates
  • Closing vacuum areas to support social distancing

Enhanced Disinfecting

  • Requiring all teammates to wear gloves and increasing the frequency of handwashing
  • Cleaning the digital pay terminals after every customer use
  • Increasing cleaning and disinfecting of high touch areas

Risk Distancing

  • Reducing hours of operation to 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Reducing staffing levels on site
  • Requiring any teammate that is experiencing any sickness symptoms to notify his or her manager and remain home
  • Requiring teammates at higher risk to notify his or her manager and remain home

Car Washes are inherently low risk, have minimal to no human interaction and typically have three or fewer teammates on site. From the perspective of public safety, the COVID-19 virus can remain on the surface of an automobile for up to nine days and washing the exterior of an automobile can greatly reduce the risk of transmission. Specifically, the current health crisis has created an immediate need for tens of millions of automobiles across the United States to continue to be used as a safe mode of transportation for essential services and essentials service providers (health care, first responders, law enforcement, social services, food pick-up and delivery, essential travel including taxi, Uber, Lyft, etc.). Our car washes have automated wash processes that utilize effective chemical components which are a proven method for keeping vehicle hard surfaces free from bacterial/viral contagions and eliminating or mitigating their potential spread. These are some of the reasons that many localities have agreed with the designation of Express Car Washes as an Essential Service.

Please check back here for any additional updates or changes to our service. We look forward to keeping your car clean and safe to drive during these challenging times.